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We Believe

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The Bible

We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, inerrant, authoritative, and applicable both in its historic context and in the contemporary world of today. We believe that God has given the Bible to us as a means of grace that we may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.  (2Tim 3:16-4:5) We acknowledge that some things in the bible are not as easy to understand as others, but that the central teachings of creation, the fall and its effects, the accountability of mankind to God, our need of redemption, salvation and faith in God’s king Jesus, as well as many other teachings, are clearly set out in the scriptures.


God as Trinity

We believe in the Trinity. That God exists in three ‘persons’ or ‘realities’ whilst at the same time being one God.  We believe that Jesus Christ the Saviour is both fully God and fully man.


Salvation in Christ alone

Since Chist alone has conquered death and opened a way unto eternal life it is only through trusting in Him, and what He did at the cross, that any can be saved, and enter His heaven.



We hold to what some call ‘reformed’ & ‘evangelical’ doctrine, holding also the historic confessions of Faith, and in particular the Westminster Confession of Faith, that the Presbyterian Church in Australia is founded upon (read in the light of the declaratory statement of 1901), and that this is a suitable and appropriate way of understanding God’s word the Bible.


The Lordship of Christ

 We believe that God wants us to submit to His King, Jesus, by not only believing in Him, but also by fully committing our lives to Him and His Lordship.  For us Jesus is our everything.  All that we have is from Him, all that we are is for Him, all of our future is in His gracious hands.  And He is worth trusting.

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Service Times

Sunday School

New Sunday School
GUNNEDAH: 9.30am FAMILY SERVICE Sunday Mornings
GHOOLENDAADI 9.00am COUNTRY SERVICE - Ghoolendaadi Sports Centre (Goolhi Road 3km west of intersection with Grain Valley Road) 3rd Sunday
For more details Ph 0484245558
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