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Jesus Christ is staggeringly powerful, more powerful than angels.  The writer of Hebrews Ch1 portrays Jesus as God come in the flesh

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Are you living for the beginning of the beginning, or dying to see the end?

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Acts 15:1-21

What qualifies or disqualifies us before God?  How does knowing Jesus give us confidence before God?

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Joseph, almost like the 'prodigal' is restored to the father; and restoration brings joy. Read more: Gen_45-46


1Kings 21

What is Elijah doing in 1Kings? He's teaching the Israelites the Uniqueness of GOD. Here in 1Kings 21 we find Ahab abandoing himself to a differnt 'god'. False worship leads to false desire (or at least to the desire for the wrong things) False desire leads to false advice on how to obtain those things.  What Ahab plans and does is not pretty, but the real God calls him to account, and even here God shows Himself merciful.

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    The Gunnedah Church Fanily
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GUNNEDAH: 9.30am FAMILY SERVICE Sunday Mornings
GHOOLENDAADI 9.00am COUNTRY SERVICE - Ghoolendaadi Sports Centre (Goolhi Road 3km west of intersection with Grain Valley Road) 3rd Sunday
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